form or function?

So, my sewing machine is currently downstairs. Usually, it is upstairs, in my sewing room (which is really the closet of the guest room…but hey, it’s a big closet! There are lights and a window!).

However, when I bought my new machine I put it on the kitchen table to try it, and there it remains, inviting me to cover the kitchen table with a ton of sewing stuff instead of using it for things like eating. It’s ugly and I hate looking at it.

But I’m getting so much sewing done with it right there. If I have ten minutes, I can sit down and do a little sewing. It’s so handy, and yet such an eyesore. I guess maybe the thing to do is to knock out some more diapers for Mary in her larger size, then some diapers for the future kid, then move it upstairs? I’m so torn. (When it’s upstairs I don’t think I’ll be able to sew during Mary’s naps–I think I’ll be too close and wake her up. She used to sleep through it but she’s gotten more sensitive to naptime noise.)

In a related story, newborn diapers are so tiny. They’re laughable. I’ll take pictures.

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  1. Posted by nmchale on February 28, 2008 at 4:51 am

    Remember when I had my machine in the alcove at the Parker house? It was great because I could piece about a block a night waiting for David to tear himself away from guitar and amp forums and get his butt upstairs. 🙂 Now, it’s in the little bedroom with Riley’s crib. I’m counting the days until I can put Riley in with Jack. It’s nice, though, because I can close the safety gate at the top of the stairs, and the three kids play together pretty well in Jack and Molly’s rooms.


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