goodbye to the sling

Mary is officially too big to be carried in her baby sling–it’s just impossible to carry all of her weight on one side for very long. So, I got brave and did some sewing, and now she has this:

She seems to like it.

It was really easy to make and it distributes her MUCH better than the sling. Takes a minute to get it on and get her in it, though–I think I like the sling better for a small baby for that reason.

Anyway, here’s one more picture of Mary enjoying her new high chair (Christmas present from my parents). I will take a better pic that shows the chair, since it’s sort of cool and hip, but you get the idea–she can sit at the table with us like a bigger kid. I thought about just getting her a booster seat but I really wanted for her to be a little bit secure because she’s so squirmy. This photo is mostly here because it shows a lot of her teeth–she’s got a ridiculous number of them. I believe in this photo she is growling at Conor.



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