better blog pending

I will be posting pictures and whatnot from our trip soon, I promise. I just haven’t had time and mostly I’m annoyed because I have a really cute video of Mary dancing that I want to post, except that I filmed it in portrait view and I can’t figure out any way to rotate it so that it is right-side-up when viewed online. My software turns it for ME, but I can’t figure out how to turn it so that it stays turned when I upload it. Anyone with information is welcome to share it. (I tried QuickTime but that only seemed to work if you viewed the video in QuickTime.)

Anyway, I will post something good soon! Regardless of the video problem.

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  1. Posted by David on January 21, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    did you upgrade to quicktime pro or whatever it is? If so, try this – rotate the video. (Under window, go to “show movie properties,” click on the video track portion of the clip, then go to “visual settings.” There you can rotate and flip to your heart’s content.) Anyway, after you’ve done that, export the video as an AVI file. Every time I’ve done it this way, it keeps the correct orientation (and I just tried it again to verify, and it did work). You can test how successful you were by opening it up in MPlayer (download it if you don’t have it – ).


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