* Mary is getting really big. Today I think she got six new skills. Seriously, she’s so much more coordinated and less clumsy than she was even a week ago. To give one example, sometimes I point to her and she points back. Well, now she does this whole “E.T. phone home” thing and touches her finger to mine. A week ago, she would have been like a drunk sophomore trying to get his key in his dorm room door. Now, she just reaches out and hits my hand on the first try. And she’s doing the whole “walking with someone holding her hands” thing, just as of today. Conor got her to do it this morning and now she’s a pro.

* You know what sucks? Health insurance. Not in concept–I like it in concept–but in practice. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone trying to sort out our coverage, which is particularly impossible because it’s also filtered through the administration of a large university. Is it so confusing? I mean, really, if you do this for a living–all insurance, all the time–would someone’s 6-month baby immunizations be an End of the World Event?

* I think it’s almost fall. I’m totally ready for it. Crispy leaves and sweaters are my style. I’m just hoping that I don’t actually have to RAKE leaves now that I’m a homeowner, or at least not more than to make a picturesque pile in which to photograph Mary in her Halloween costume.


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