No, please–just keep it.

One of my students came to class last night without a pen or pencil. I announced an in-class writing assignment and he asked if I had a pen he could borrow. So, I lent him one. (A nice one, I might add.)

We had conferences about paper topics last night. When it was his turn, he sat down next to me, suggested some topics (none of which were really acceptable, incidentally), and thought very hard about what he wanted to write on. To aid his thinking, he chewed his pen.

Damn damn damn. Why did I loan him a pen to begin with? Who goes to a writing class, of all classes, without a pen? Who goes ANYwhere without a pen?

Also, my snap press arrived! I’m snapping! So far I applied snaps to one of Mary’s (cloth) baby wipes. It can snap itself closed in half. Why, I can’t imagine, but hey, it was there.

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