Trip chronicle, part 1

Last week Thursday I began packing for a giant road trip. Between Friday of last week and now:
* We drove 1747 miles.
* We visited two separate huge families.
* We visited three horses.
* We petted a sheep.
* We have turned in three indexes–a ridiculous amount of work.
* We have had a party at our house.
* And we met our newest nephew, Riley.

Here is the story of the first half of the trip:

As I was packing, Mary was being super cute.

She has started eating Cheerios, for those of you interested in such things.

On the way to Michigan, we stopped in Pittsburgh to have a late supper at Denny’s with Suz. Mary seemed interested in Suz and sat in her lap for a while. Eventually Mary became extremely squirmtastic.

Mary’s newest expression is a fish face.

When we got to Saginaw, the Negron family reunion got started. Mary modeled her t-shirt:

The night that we arrived (well, we arrived at about 7:30 a.m.; that night, much later) we went to Ryan’s parents’ house to crash their 29th anniversary party. When we got there, beer pong was underway:

Mary practiced for college.

She also hung out a lot with Jill. Mary was quite good considering that it was 1:30 a.m. She posed for a picture with Ryan and Jill:

The next day (after a much-needed but insufficient sleep) we went over to Conor’s aunt Janice’s house for a barbecue. Janice had recently acquired an inflatable backyard pool, which was set up. Conor took Mary in, but she thought it was too cold (straight from the hose).

The temperature didn’t stop the other kids. Noelle sprayed Conor’s pant leg. Conor said, “Great. Now it looks like I wet myself.” Noelle said, “No, THIS looks like you wet yourself,” and suited the action to the words.

I knitted.

Mary made coy faces.

Mary met AJ, another baby; AJ is the daughter of Janice’s stepdaughter, Virginia. AJ is 8 months old and a total steamroller–Mary didn’t stand a chance, especially as her weapon of choice is yelling:

Bella, Genna, and Danielle were in the pool for hours. Brr.

Mary hung out with Ama.

Here is a picture of Conor talking to Mary, because I think it’s so cute.

Then, on Monday, we drove to Climax to visit my family. We arrived midafternoon, earlier than my mom expected, and there was no one home–so we had to call Grandma Swarthout for guidance on how we might get into the house. But then my mom arrived and went into Grandma Mode:

We had cake for Conor’s birthday on the 19th. Grandma Moreland visited with Mary.

Mary went swimming. She loves it.

Here’s an action shot of her swimming.

Linda came over to hang out on both nights we were there. She played peek-a-boo and cracked Mary up.

Before we left on Wednesday, we went to the Harrisons’ house to visit some sheep. The Harrisons were out, so we just let ourselves in and borrowed a lamb. I loved her.

With a lot of encouragement Mary got up the nerve to touch the sheep.

Then we drove back to Saginaw. More to follow…including pictures of the newest nephew!


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