a reminiscence

I was just thinking back to last year, when I was pregnant with Mary and I had this conversation with my nephew Jack, whose sister, Molly, was still very little:

He came over to sit by me, and he said, “Aunt Heather, I know what will happen when the baby comes. Want me to tell you?”

“Okay, tell me,” I said, although I was thinking, I’m not sure I want to have this conversation with someone else’s kid.

“You’ll go to the doctor,” he said, very seriously, “and the doctor will take the baby out. Then everyone will bring presents for Jack.”

In an unrelated story, Mary’s 9-month checkup was yesterday. She is 29 inches tall, weighs 19.5 pounds, and is very advanced. The pediatrician said it was time for finger foods, so she is eating Cheerios. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. She puts them in her mouth–usually cramming several of them in–and then she seems surprised (“There’s something in my mouth!”). She’s doing pretty well on them today though–no choking episodes or anything (bonus points). It entertains her beyond measure, which is handy because I’m busy today.


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