random notes

1. I’ve been offered an interview for a job I really want. I’ll keep you posted.

2. I’ve been offered a summer class at UMUC (which is GREAT because I was getting worried about what I’m going to do for work this summer). It won’t be a sufficient job for the whole summer but it’s a lot better than nothing.

3. I have come to terms with a fact that may or may not surprise you, depending on how much you’ve visited me:

Conor and I are slobs.

We cleaned house today, in preparation for having Grandma and Conor’s aunt Kathleen over for dinner. It’s not even like we’re filthy people–it’s just that, when we set something down, it’s going to be several months (possibly even years) before either of us ever thinks about picking it up again. I try to tell myself it’s because our minds are preoccupied with loftier things, but really it’s because we’re lazy and unobservant. We’re really just slobs. Laundry-piled-several-feet-deep, newspapers-littering-the-floor-for-weeks, always-a-full-dishwasher-load-behind slobs.

Oh, well. Come visit us. But call first.

p.s. The house looks great right now.


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