weekend update

…because our lives are so interesting!

We spent the weekend at Luke and Elaine’s, sort of house-sitting/kid-watching. (Rose and Zak are 12 and 15, so they don’t exactly need a babysitter really.) Conor had to work on Saturday, but then we went out to a Chinese restaurant which also happens to have sushi (!), and then to see Bridge to Terabithia. Mary gives it two pacifiers up. She enjoyed herself a lot. We also hung out with Luke and Elaine on Friday night:

Mary was alarmed by this development.

Then on Sunday we went to a birthday party for our friend Michael, at the home of one of Conor’s co-workers, Warren. Warren cooked a delicious Indian meal (prominently featuring cauliflower, which is the best kind), and much fun was had by all, particularly Swirly Girl, the dog:

Mary proceeded to elicit ridiculous behavior from all grown-ups present:

Diane (Warren’s wife) and Ryan (Michael’s friend) making baby-exciting faces.

Michael making baby-exciting faces.

Anyway, it was a much more social weekend than our weekends usually are. Today, Conor had the day off (because his schedule is now Tuesday-Saturday), so he took his Civic in for the emissions inspection, which it passed (hooray). So now we can use my car again and stop taking Mary in and out of the Civic (double hooray). I had Writing Center work to do, and then we went over to Grandma McHale’s for a while. Here’s a last photo:


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