two lists

Things That Annoyed Me Already Today:
1. The newspaper was delivered to the end of our driveway and tossed directly into a puddle, where, sponge-like, it proceeded to soak up six times its weight in muddy water.

2. I went to Target looking for CD-Rs and had to go to the other Target that’s farther away because they were out…which means hauling Mary’s car seat in and out of the back of the Civic another extra time. I may need back surgery soon.

3. I’ve had it with these goddamned ladybugs! They’re everywhere! There was one on my toothbrush. Ick.

but, as though to compensate–Things That Delighted Me Already Today:
1. Mary is wearing a duck sleeper.

2. I saw a sheep grazing beside the road on my way to Waldorf to buy CDs–she was obviously about to either a) explode or b) have a lamb or two soon. So cute!

3. Although I had to drive out of my way to buy the CDs, they were on sale for super cheap. Hurray for bargains!

4. I bought Mary new bottles–they have handles so she can hold them herself without dropping them. Brilliant! She drank eight ounces completely unassisted. Three cheers for gadgetry that promotes baby independence.

5. A woman at Target said, “What an adorable little boy!” and Mary responded, “Bah!” I view this as proof that she can speak English.


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