off-kilter weekend

Conor’s work schedule has changed, so now our weekend is Sunday and Monday. Weird. We’re not used to it and keep feeling like tomorrow is a work day. But it isn’t.

On Friday, we went over to Grandma McHale’s and brought her dinner. Then Conor and Grandma stamped and labelled 325 newsletters for the Mudd House.

I would have helped, but I was taking pictures.

When we arrived, Mary was sleeping in her car seat, but she woke up on the way into the house. So she was bleary-eyed and sleepy, and then Grandma said, “Hello!” and Mary wailed inconsolably. This is her looking still a bit mistrustful:

We stayed a while and chatted and Mary demonstrated her new party trick, which I show you:

You can see that I’m holding her up with my feet, just in case, but really she can do it all by herself. She’s now technically an “unsupported sitter”! (Did you even know that developmental psychologists used that term? I didn’t.)

Then Saturday Conor had to work, so Mary and I hung out and I worked on a paper about Joseph Conrad, and then after Conor got home we went out to dinner to celebrate his raise. Somehow it was all very exhausting and today we did not want, at all, at all, to get up and go to church. But we did. (Never let it be said that Conor is an undedicated choir member–never mind that he was more or less forcibly conscripted.) Then we came home and cleaned up the house a bit, because Grandma, John and Sheila, Leah, Sam, and Claire came over this evening for a while. Mary was very skeptical about whether Grandma should be in our house, but she got over it. She liked Claire, presumably because Claire is insane and therefore amusing. (By “insane,” I mean that she’s seven. Or so.)

Here is one final picture–I call it “Caterpillar Love.”


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