I met with my advisor this morning; it’s become clear to me that I’m not going to finish this dissertation this year.

Which means, not going to finish this degree this year.

It doesn’t change a lot of things for me–I’m still going to be on the job market next year. But it’s frustrating. I have the time off right now to write in, but it’s hard to get feedback, hard to round up my committee for whatever next steps there are–and there are always more steps. I know that’s part of the point of the dissertation (it’s not just writing), but it takes forever.

On the other hand, we’re going out for beer with some of Conor’s co-workers–I love beer!–and we’re going to visit Cherie and Jenny, which are exciting developments! We’ll get to see Grandma and Grandpa Swarthout, too, because they’re also visiting Cherie and Jenny. I shall focus on social excitements in the face of academic irritation.

Suz–please tell me it’s not THIS weekend that Zoie will be picking up her car. I want to show off my baby to you!


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  1. Posted by Suz, unknower of baby on February 8, 2007 at 10:31 pm

    It *is* this weekend, I think! The car is supposed to finally be done…today, actually. This is madness!


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