funny things overheard

So, today I am doing an index, and the deal was that I would index and Conor would take care of Mary. (He always helps, but I’m with her all day, so usually I end up feeding her and bathing her and whatnot, because I’m used to it.) Anyway, some snippets (although I cannot transcribe Conor and Mary communing via elephant noises):

Conor: “You vant ze food? Ze bottle? ZIS bottle?”
Mary: “Awaawawa! Eeep!”
Conor: “Ze bottle, you zay? Here is ze bottle!”
Mary: “Mmmm ammmmammm!”

Conor: “Are you hungry? Wait, when did you turn around? You were lying across my lap and now you’re facing the same way I am!”

(I can attest that she can turn around and you never see it. It’s like a magic trick.)

Conor: “Look! It’s a footed sleeper! Just like Mommy always wants for you! Stop fussing–you’re making it very difficult to pretend that I’m a competent parent without Mommy.”

Conor: “What do you mean, you’re hungry? You’re eating right now! It is definitely against the rules to be hungry WHILE you’re eating.”

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