I need a maid

I realized today that my laundry is taking over the basement. It’s impossible to keep up. For one thing, the dryer doesn’t really dry things the first time; it needs about 1.5 cycles to get things dry. So that doubles the number of times that I have to remember to go downstairs and tend to the laundry. In addition, Mary’s whole goal in life is the creation of dirty laundry. It’s like her job.

How do I know that things are getting out of hand, you ask? Well, I discovered a bathing suit in the pile of laundry downstairs. I can’t remember when the last time either of us went swimming might have been; I’ve gone this summer, before we moved, but I don’t think Conor has, and it’s his suit. I can only assume that for some reason I decided when we moved that it was dirty (fell out of a box, perhaps?) and it’s been there ever since. In any case, it doesn’t say anything good about my housekeeping abilities.

In a related story, there’s an immediate opening for a maid, cook, and launderer (or laundress). The pay’s shitty, but I’ll provide you with a cute baby to play with and give you first dibs on your favorite section of the newspaper unless it’s the comics. Any takers?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Liz on February 4, 2007 at 6:22 am

    i’m so sick of studying for the bar that i’m ready to take you up on it… but my favorite section of the paper is comics. dammit!


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