ice cubes

Our heat has stopped working. Again. We had a whole series of people out here to fix it in October, November, and December; it’s been working since December 4, and then yesterday we woke up in a cold, cold house. (It was 52 degrees! And it’s been dropping ever since!) I’ll keep you posted on the situation until my fingers freeze and fall off. Then you’ll just have to guess based on my blogging silence.

We went over to visit with Conor’s aunt and uncle on Saturday, which was a good time, and then yesterday we decided that we were all too sniffly/pathetic/cold-ridden to go to church. We spent the entire day doing absolutely nothing and eventually ordered Chinese food and then went to bed. It was gloriously unproductive. I think Mary’s getting over her cold, but she gave it to us. Our Kleenex bill is astronomical. I think there’s an entire roll of toilet paper wadded up into little pieces on Conor’s side of the bed.


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