some things that made my day ridiculous

1. I finally got in touch with my dissertation advisor. I always feel better after a conversation with a member of my committee, until I realize hours later that I still have to write my dissertation. (I somehow forget this in the first heady rush of discussing my brilliant ideas.)

2. A piece for my breast pump broke and I had to go get a replacement. So I decided to go down to Waldorf and go to that Babies-R-Us (a store that I hate passionately, but they carried the part.) I picked up Mary and carried her downstairs to leave, and then she proceeded to produce one of the foulest diapers of all time. So I took her back upstairs and changed her diaper, as well as her clothes, which had not survived unscathed. Then she made angry hungry noises, so I had to feed her. Then she spat up, voluminously, all over both of us, so I had to change my clothes and change her clothes again. So finally I put her in her car seat, and then she started making hungry noises again (presumably on the “I didn’t actually EAT any of that!” logic). I think time from starting to leave to actually leaving was something like an hour and a half. Then I got to the store and discovered that they were out of the part anyway, but they told me that I could use, instead, a part that I already own. !

3. While Conor and I were eating dinner, I picked up a piece of an apple and put the edge in Mary’s mouth. Usually when she tastes something she looks horrified, like she can’t believe humans eat that. But she seemed to love it. So I bit into it, and then offered it to her again, and must be it was better than the dried-out cut edge, because she was crazy for it. She started licking it and rolling her tongue around it in a way that would have been positively indecent if she were older. I couldn’t decide: cute, or gross? I never did come to any conclusion about it.


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