Is that your baby?

Mary and I went over to my department today–I checked my mail, visited with some of the other TAs, and looked, fruitlessly, for members of my committee.

Here are a few questions that amuse me:

(When people see you with a baby in a baby sling, about six months after they last saw you enormously pregnant): “Is that your baby?”

(When people see our house): “Boy, you have a lot of books. Do you read a lot?” (Follow-up question is also always the same: “Have you read all these books?”)

Mary is wearing a hat. Conor clipped her pacifier string to her hat. Now she looks like she’s wearing one of those hats that holds beer cans, except for that instead it’s holding her pacifier. This also cracks me up. I think I’ll put one on each side and send her out to mow the lawn.

Like I said earlier, I’m making a scarf. I’m using this yarn:

…in the color called “Spice,” which is nice and orange. I like it. It feels all nice and springy, which means that the knitted result is stretchy and comfortable. I think I should have a hat made from it, too, but I don’t know how to make a hat. Slippery slope.

dissertation pages today: 8…plus one good idea!


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  1. Posted by Suz! on February 1, 2007 at 7:19 pm

    My dad once wore one of those beer helmets to mow the lawn. Only instead of beer it was Mt. Dew. And he wore it because I’d gotten it as my “prize” for selling a certain amount of band crap from a sausage and cheese catalog and I told him that I’d gotten it for him.


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