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We just got home from a night at the Kennedy Center, where we saw “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” It’s the same production that we saw twice in New York–it went to London and now it’s touring. It’s a great cast (Kathleen Turner and Bill Irwin). We took Grandma to it as her Christmas present. NOTE TO MELISSA: This will be coming to Chicago. You. Must. Go.

The big weirdness of it was that we left Mary for the evening. The only time we’ve left her with anyone else was in Denver; she stayed home with David, Nina, Mike, and Sandy while we went to see “Casino Royale.” But that was a pretty short trip and she knew them already. Tonight she stayed with Conor’s aunt and uncle, Michelle and John, and their two kids, Sarah and Samantha. She seemed to handle it well. I, however, was a mild wreck–I just felt bad leaving her. John and Michelle have small children of their own and I wasn’t worried about them taking care of her; I just didn’t really want to leave her there, especially since she’s still sick with this cold. Basically I’m neurotic. I think it’s hormonal or something though, really. It’s probably adaptive behavior, right?

She, however, seems to have thought that we were just taking showers or something–I’m not sure she really noticed that we were gone.

Now we’re home. Mary is hanging out with me; I’m about to put her to bed. (Is it wrong that she keeps the same hours as the average college student?) She says, in case any of you are feeling like you haven’t spoken to her recently, “Pbbbbbbtt aaaawwwaaaaa.” (She’s very advanced.)

I have now progressed from practice knitting to an actual project. I’m making a scarf. Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of my progress so far–I love the yarn. It’s orange. And soft. But mostly orange.

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